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I am Marie the photographer/owner of Distinct Image Photography.

I am a wife and mother to two small children who entertain me every day and love to mimic me with their toy cameras!adelaide photographers

I studied photography for 2 years in 1996 and 1997 at the Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE.

Whilst I was there I met some wonderful people and had the best time doing something I love!  I was taught in the old fashioned way with film, yes film! and thoroughly enjoyed printing in the darkroom,  the excitement of waiting for your image to magically appear in the developing trays is something that most people don’t get to see in today’s digital world.

I remember using one of the earliest versions of Photoshop, and like most people, I didn’t think it would become something we would use on a daily basis!  We were taught how to use light to photograph people in the best possible way not only in studio but on location, how to pose babies,  couples, children, large groups and the list goes on.

My knowledge of both in film and digital photography is extensive and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else!  I have won several awards both at a National and State level and am a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

Prior to starting my business in 2004, I worked at a major portrait studio in Adelaide.

My goal is to give people the best service whilst creating and delivering high quality artistic, unique images that will become family heirlooms for years to come.  I am passionate about not letting a single moment go by without photographing it especially where my children are concerned, as time goes by so quickly.  You only have a small window of time to capture it and I don’t want others to miss it.

I would love to discuss how we can create some amazing artworks to hang proudly on your walls, so feel free to email or phone for a chat, or to arrange an appointment  xx


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